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About Me

I am an AHPRA registered psychologist trained in Counselling Psychology; I have extensive training in Relational Gestalt psychotherapy, in  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and in Gottman Method Couple Therapy approach. I have had over 16 years experience working with clients presenting with mental health and psychiatric issues. My experience has seen me work in the government, healthcare, public and private sectors as a social worker and more recently as a psychologist. As a psychologist I have worked in a clinical inpatient and outpatient mental health setting with a range of psychiatric and mental health disorders, and in a private practice specialising in treating anxiety related difficulties. Most recently I have worked for a specialist LGBTQIA+ service.  I have worked with clients from varied age groups, different cultural and social backgrounds, and extensively with the LGBTQIA+ community.  I love a challenge, am passionate, friendly, egalitarian, and work with individuals and couples to assess their specific needs to tailor a suitable evidenced-based therapeutic strategy to achieve a higher level of wellbeing. 

Services Provided

I work with individuals, couples, and polyamorous or open relationship configurations.



We can work together to understand how particular issues are impacting on you and reducing your ability for satisfying relationships with others. Common issues I work with include:

LGBTQIA+ related issues:

  • Dealing with a binary focused, cis-genderistic, heteronormative, and at times an unkind society
  • Coming out (letting in) process
  • Minority stress
  • Intersectionality
  • Internalised Homo/Trans/Bi Phobia
  • Exploring sexuality
  • Gender questioning/exploring
  • Transitioning
  • Resilience
  • IVF and family planning

Other Issues:

  • Trauma, particularly relational trauma and complex trauma
  • Sexual trauma
  • Mental health issues, particularly anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, stress related factors, etc
  • Sex worker issues

I am open to working with anything that impacts on having satisfying connections with others


Love is Love

We can work together to develop fulfilling and meaningful relationships, whether intimate or otherwise. I can also help with how to end relationships well.

  • I believe it is important to recognise  the nuances within LGBTQIA+ relationships minus the heteronorming, cis and  binary notions
  • How LGBTQIA+ minority stress can interfere with relational connections between partners
  • Understanding how relational patterns can trap us into poor communication between partners and unsatisfying relationships
  • Understanding how anxiety and trauma, particularly relational trauma and sexual trauma, can interfere with deep and fulfilling connections between partners
  • Understanding how mental health issues can interfere with clear communication between partners, and lead to relational stress
  • Assist with developing better communication between partners to reduce conflict
  • Creating satisfying and nourishing open and polyamorous relationships
  • Ending a relationship with less conflict

Actually, I will work with anything that is relationship counselling related 

Areas of Special Interest


Depression, Anxiety & Other mental health issues

Under Construction 


Trauma & PTSD

Under Construction



Sexual Trauma

Under Construction

Your Rights

As an AHPRA registered psychologist and a member of the APS I adhere to the APS Charter for Clients to ensure you receive a high quality and ethical service. For more information access the APS Charter document on the link below

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Elke Hupfauf

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